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DOE Pharma Science Co., Ltd.,founded in 2009, is a highly professional company engaged in R&D and manufacturing of Pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty chemicals. We have established the joint R&D centers with several famous universities in China, and research topic has been included in the key project of Hangzhou Sci-Tech City,China. 

DOE located in Hangzhou Sci-Tech City (Haichuang Park), Zhejiang Province, with 1,300 square meter of R & D center. We have adequate well-equipped and modern labs (including 1Kilo lab), also have the production capability ranged from grams to hundreds of metric tons. we are able to do high-tech quality analysis and monitoring. Our workshops will be also getting used in the next year, which have the formulation designed in strict compliance with the international GMP standard. Our R&D is committed to the production route development of particular APIs and Advanced Intermediates, with emphasis on innovation and environment-friendly. 

DOE offer a wide range of services based on specific customer requirements, including Synthesis of newcompounds, process development and optimization, commercial supply production, and Preparation of standards and impurities. Focusing on the protection of intellectual property rights, DoEasy is actively engaged
in the work of patent challenges. 

DOE believe in the management philosophy “achieve and maximize mutual benefit, backed with integrity.”
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